Why You Should Hire Outside Help to Do Your Home Repairs

DIY’s are cool and all. They help you feel capable, they can be less expensive, and you don’t have to schedule anything. But beware—all the good things about DIYs can turn into expensive, dangerous mistakes if not done properly. When it comes to repairing your house, you really can’t afford to mess up. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire outside help to do your home repairs.They're Properly CertifiedHaving someone who is properly certified repair your home ensures that your home stays in top shape. If you ever plan on moving, this is extremely important. You wouldn’t want to buy a home that has not been maintained by someone who isn’t certified. For example, a person who works on your electricity should be familiar with the National Electric Code (NEC) to maintain safe electrical wiring in your home.Certification is a process that professionals go through to understand national quality standards and proper practices. Certification and training can be a long process. T…

How to Get Ready to Stay in Your Mountain Retreat Home

If you don’t already have a mountain get-away home, now is the time to consider it. Spending time in the fresh mountain air disconnected from the world is a great way to get away to reconnect with your family and your inner peace and appreciate nature. Even if your mountain escape can’t happen this winter, the following tips will help you keep your mountain retreat in top shape and keep it ready for you to visit any time of year.Perform a Winter InspectionIt’s no secret that cold and wet winter conditions can wreak havoc on the state of your mountain home. If you leave your home for long periods of time without any inhabitants, it is even more crucial to give your home a thorough inspection before the winter months settle in.As you inspect your home, make sure you check these things:Water heaterFurnaceCleanlinessPest controlPlumbingVehiclesBy inspecting and solving any problems now, you can ensure a cozy, safe stay no matter the temperature outside.Winterize Your ExteriorOne great way…

House Work That Will Pay Off When Winter Hits

Before the winter hits, it’s important to make sure that your home is safe and ready for the snow and wind. Things like roof and paint repair, as well as indoor jobs like checking the furnace, are vital steps to winter proofing your home and saving you money in the long run. The next few things are just a few parts of your home to check and possibly repair before the winter hits.  Siding RepairOne of the best ways to help prep your home for the winter is to check the exterior of your home for possible siding errors. Siding repair is necessary to start fixing when it’s small. Once there’s a lot more damage, it will be much more expensive to fix.Repairing the siding on your home can help prevent things like water damage and pest problems. Small pests can make a home in your siding and wreak havoc on your home. Water damage can leak through and rot the wood or freeze and cause more damage.Exterior PaintA new coat of paint can do a lot more than just making your home look beautiful, altho…

How to Make Your Home a Magnet for Socializing

Your home can be a great place to host social gatherings. It's space you are already familiar with, and you don't have to pay to rent it. Homes can also offer a sense of comfort and being welcomed as a guest that a rental location won't be able to as effectively. If hosting social gatherings at your home is something you want to do, consider designing your home specifically for this purpose.An Open Floor PlanStart by having an open floor plan. Open floor plans can make spaces such as your living room, dining room, and kitchen area more inviting for larger groups of guests. Managing the guest-to-space ratio can be one of the tricky parts of hosting, so you will want to have ways to address that. No one wants to be part of a party where the space is too big for the gathering, so if you are hosting a smaller party, consider using furniture to partition off portions of the room. This can help break up the space so that it fits the size of your gathering.A Kitchen BarUnlike a k…

You Don’t Need a Degree to Make Your Home Smarter

One of the biggest perks of modern life is the convenience that technology affords to consumers. Following the trend toward automation, first with dishwashers, on to climate control, then to lawn care and beyond, living has never been more hassle-free than it is today.
But how do you best use the available technology to enhance the functionality of your own home? Fortunately, you don't need a degree to understand how to employ the latest tech to your advantage in your residence. Read on to discover the latest ways that technology is making modern life more convenient and how you can benefit from it.
Let the Tech Do the JobModern home technology is capable of regulating its own settings so you don't have to worry about manually changing them to fit your preferences. For example, if you like cooler evenings and warmer days, you can set your thermostat to change the temperature from morning to night without the need for you to adjust the settings constantly. Nearly everything ca…

6 Home Renovations That Can Reduce Utility Bills

Do you find yourself staring open-mouthed at your heating and cooling bills all year long? Maybe the problem is not with how much heat or air conditioning you are using, but rather with other issues with your systems or your house itself. There are at least six home renovations that can reduce utility bills and make heating and cooling your home much more cost-effective and affordable.
Replace Heating and Cooling Systems The older your heating and cooling system is, the less efficient it is. Even modern systems become less efficient over time because parts wear out and replacing them does not cure the issue. If your heating and/or cooling system is ten years old or older, consider replacing it now. It is not likely to last another decade, and if it does, your energy bills may rise anyway due to the age of the system. Newer systems are designed to be more efficient.
Solar Panels Solar panels can save you an enormous amount of money on energy bills because you will no longer be paying …

Backyard Upgrades That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

Are you considering a big upgrade to your backyard? If so, one thing many homeowners like to know is what features may give the best return on investment. This involves weighing the cost versus the value added in conjunction with the value your family will get from the feature while still living in the home. Here are some popular backyard features that can bring both great entertainment and value.
Put In a Pool Pools are sometimes seen as a lackluster investment because they can drive off potential buyers concerned about costs or safety. However, a well-maintained pool can actually add quite a bit of value to a home for the right buyer. This can include up to a 25 percent return on the initial investment. Pools are especially great with kids and in warm weather. Just make sure to account for safety. Property owners have a responsibility to create barriers around their pool to prevent children from wandering into it without adult supervision. Pools are a great source of fun and entert…