How to Stay Safe During a Home Demolition

Home demolition is messy work, but it can also be hazardous if you are not careful. When you flip a house, you need to make sure you remain safety conscious. Communicate with your team if you notice any red flags; you may save someone’s life.

Keep Someone Experienced on Site

You should always keep an experienced contractor on site. Mistakes are often made when people do not follow the precise safety instructions they are given in their training. An expert will be able to point out potential mishaps to new recruits and younger workers. This will promote keep injuries to a minimum and allow your workers to streamline their process.

To prevent injury and lawsuits, you should hire the best contractor for the job. Check reviews on highly regarded websites. Ask them questions about safety procedures. Consult with friends and other businesses on their recommendations. It is worth it in the long run.

Protective Equipment

You also need to make sure you have the proper safety equipment for each worker. Personal protective equipment should be a last resort to injury, but not supplying anything can be lethal (and illegal). Depending on the demolition job, you will need different supplies.

A proper-fitting respirator or face mask can protect you from dangers in the air. This is important when eliminating drywall and insulation. If black mold or asbestos have contaminated the home, you will need goggles, gloves, and (in rough cases) full contamination suits. Check online about the purchases you may need to make. Providing necessary equipment will keep you safe from lawsuits and responsibility if something goes wrong.

Safety Training

While protective gear is the last resort to maintaining worker safety, proper training is each person’s first defense. Before you start the project, make sure each worker has been safety certified. If they are not, get them involved in training. Have them sign agreements confirming they participated in training.

The paperwork you have them fill out will hold you less liable for lawsuits and keep the workers safe. Since demolition can be a risky process, you need to ensure that everyone is responsible for their actions. Proper training is essential.

You likely want your demolition procedures to run efficiently and safely. To do this, you cannot just go into a house and start swinging. You need to raze the building in a thoughtful and safe way. Do your research, hire the proper experts, and make sure you are training your workers to safely do their job.

Once you demolish a house, we can help you build a new one! Contact us to get a free estimate for your project!


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