How Cold Weather Affects Your Home

Winter is here and with winter comes beautiful views and plenty of household problems to keep you busy throughout the season. Preparing for winter is a big job but it can save you a lot of trouble in the spring if you stay on top of any problems you may notice. The better you understand the potential dangers of winter for your home, the more you can do to prevent and treat any damage that does occur.

Roof Damage

One of the first problems in winter is that heavy snow and ice can cause damage to your roof. The most important thing to do to prevent damage to your roof in the winter is to remove any ice you see collecting as soon as possible. This ice can strain your roof or cause leaking, and it can even come off your roof unexpectedly. This can cause damage to anything it hits on the way down. Make sure to stay safe when you get on the roof of your home especially during the winter when icy conditions make things even more dangerous.

Cracked Pavement

One problem that can start small and grow each winter is pavement cracking. Variations in outside temperatures can cause asphalt to expand or contract. These changes can lead to cracking, which can become a major issue. Ice melt can also contribute to cracking and chipping so be careful with its use and try to use a shovel with a rubber blade. This will help keep your pavement safe while also getting the snow up off your pavement pretty easily.

Controlling ice during the winter is an important safety issue. Learning to do it appropriately can protect your pavement and prevent expensive cracking and chipping. Small chips can be repaired in the spring to make the next winter a little easier.

Pipes Freezing

Taking care of your pipes before winter is an important part of reducing damage and plumbing issues throughout the season. Water expands as it freezes, so preventing your pipes from freezing is essential for a safe winter. A burst pipe is a huge inconvenience and often an even bigger expense. By insulating your pipes before the cold season hits, you can prevent pipes from bursting and keep your home in good working order.

Making sure that your pipes are well insulated and exposed to warm air all season long can help you prevent any problems before they occur.

Moisture Damage

The winter months are often wet, and that moisture can damage surfaces inside and outside your home. Door frames can become soft and wet which can lead to insect damage as the wood becomes more easily accessible.

Make it a part of your spring preparations each year to check the wood in your home for water damage. Make sure you repair it promptly to prevent a dangerous infestation. Staying on top of these potential issues will prevent them from getting worse and can save you time and money next winter.

Gutter Problems

As winters bring moisture and ice to your door it can lead to major problems for your rain gutters on your rooftop. If ice has the chance to build up in a rain gutter it can cause an ice dam which can break the gutter itself and cause or increase roof damage on your home.

To prevent this issue, you can clear out any debris from your gutters before winter begins and minimize the potential for clogging. Water that is able to flow freely through your gutters isn’t a problem, but when it gets stuck in the gutter it can freeze and expand and lead to further issues.

Caulking Issues

It may already be a part of your winter preparation to caulk around cracks and openings to prevent drafts. The changing temperature throughout the season can cause that caulking to crack and stop being as effective at doing its job. Check your caulking throughout the year to make sure it is in good shape and can continue to keep your home working efficiently. Choosing the right caulk for the right job can also help it work more effectively.

Broken Tree Limbs

As winter brings in beautiful drifts of snow, they can sometimes settle heavily on tree branches. This can cause them to weaken or break and eventually fall. You can take care of this problem before it happens by pruning your trees every winter and working to keep your trees healthy and strong. Keep an eye out for branches that look too weighed down throughout the winter and work to keep them free of snow when it is necessary. Keeping an eye out for your branches each winter can prevent injury or your home from being damaged by a falling branch.


As temperatures fluctuate throughout the winter months, heavy snowfall can cause significant melting. That melting can happen quickly and create floods of varying levels of severity that enter your basement and cause damage.

Preventing flooding is an essential part of your winter prep each year. Work to stay on top of sump pump maintenance and take care of any clogging before storms occur. Also pay attention when big storms occur and snow piles up, if you stay on top of snow removal as it comes up, you can avoid a big clean up later. The more care you take upfront to ensure the safety of your basement, the less work, stress, and expense you will have to deal with in the future.

Taking care of your home is an exciting challenge at any point in the year, but the winter months can be especially daunting. Take care each fall to prepare your home for winter and assess damage each spring so you can repair it while it is small. By taking these simple steps you can keep your home in great shape. You can enjoy the beauty of winter without having to be too stressed about potential dangers your home may face.

If you do happen to have roof damage from the winter weather, let us know! We can fix it for you. Contact us today to get a free estimate.


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