10 Reasons Your Roof Leaks

Water, in any form (rain, snow, sleet, or hail), has a way of penetrating any weaknesses in any style of roof. Our work is guaranteed for 10 years on all new installs of any style of roof. We don’t just sell you a roof and disappear like many roofers do these days. We stand behind our work and are here for you in the future to repair your roof in the case of a catastrophe.

While many roofs leaks are simple to repair, determining the source of the leak is often the tougher task. When customers identify a drip in their ceiling, they often assume that the leak is originating above the ‘wet spot’, however, a leak can be traveling down a rafter or can even be the accumulation of condensation. For example, it is common for plumbing and AC leaks to be misdiagnosed as roof leaks. Don’t assume anything when it comes to diagnosis, allow a professional to determine the problem and the best course of action.

Roof leaks can be caused by many different problems. Once you familiarize yourself with the potential causes of leaks, you may be able to determine the source through process of elimination. If not, you can always contact our office for assistance. 

Here are a few of the main sources of roof leaks:

1. Missing, cracked or loose shingles, tiles or seams

2. Damaged or deteriorated flashing, seals and caulking

3. Improper attic ventilation, which can cause moisture through a buildup of condensation

4. Improper installation of valleys, flashing, shingles, collars, etc.
5. Ice Dams, which prevent proper run off and force water to back up beneath shingles

6. Ponding water
7. Exposed nail heads
8.Skylight flashings
9.Wind driven rain
10. Built up debris, which can trap moisture and accelerate deterioration


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