5 Reasons It May Be Time For New Home Siding

        Holes in the Siding
Thinking that just a small hole isn’t a problem is the problem. Holes in your siding  allow water, snow and ice to get behind the siding causing a big list of problems including mold. Holes also allow insects and other critters access to your home. Older vinyl can easily be cracked and penetrated, inspect your home visually for any signs of cracks and holes.

    Severely Faded Siding
Why should color fading be a cause for concern over a home’s siding? Because nothing lasts forever, and that includes siding. All siding has a life expectancy. Most siding will only hold its color for a certain period of time. If the siding has faded, the effectiveness of the water proofing and insulation has faded also. Faded color does not mean that the siding is no longer good but it is a good indication that it may be time to replace.
The picture below has some older vinyl and some replaced. You can clearly see the difference.

    Cracked or Loose Siding
You don’t need to replace the whole house if one or two boards are cracked, loose or missing. It may be possible for a homeowner to remove a couple bad pieces of siding and replace them. Always be sure to check any layers underneath broken or cracked siding to make certain that there has not been additional, and possibly extensive, damage that will need to be repaired. If large sections of the siding show signs of cracking, or if large numbers of siding pieces are loose, this can indicate severe problems that may require professional services.

        Rotting or Warping
Take some time to do a thorough visual inspection of a home’s siding. Look specifically for warped siding or for rotting boards or other damage to siding material. The picture below is a good depiction of warping. In cases like this the wood under the siding may be soft and rotten as well.

    The Home Needs Frequent Painting

If a home needs frequent painting, say once every five or six years, that is a good sign that something is wrong with the current siding. Good home siding should keep its shape and keep its color for at least 8-10 years, if not longer. Siding that is chipping, pealing, or cracking is an indication that there is a fundamental problem and that the siding needs replacement.

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