5 Rookie Mistakes When Renovating A House

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When you’re preparing to sell your home, you might consider doing a big renovation. After all,
a good-looking house will get a better price.

Unfortunately, many of the errors made by rookie home renovators take place before the
renovations even begin. Starting a project without an understanding of the project's cost,
the estimated time for completion, or the value to be added to a house can often result in

First-time renovators should take a moment to familiarize themselves with the following
common rookie renovating mistakes to ensure they do not repeat them.  

Failing to Get Inspections

It is ideal to get all inspections that are possible when considering a home renovation project.
This will give the rookie renovator a good idea of the time and money needed to renovate a

Many first-time renovators choose to cut corners with inspections due to the upfront costs.
However, this important step in the renovation process can prevent thousands of dollars from
being lost in the long run.

Lack of Budgeting

Not having a budget for renovations can cause disastrous consequences for the first-time
home renovator. Renovators often have big dreams for the properties they wish to fix.

Unfortunately, the perfect picture painted in their heads may prove much too expensive for
the project to be worth its while. A carefully thought-out budget should be developed before
any money is spent on the project.

Failure to Think Long-Term

First-time home renovators should not allow themselves to lose sight of the big picture.
Renovators must first decide whether they plan to keep or sell the renovated home. If they
plan to sell, they need to focus on the needs of potential buyers.

Those who plan to keep the home need to decide what their renovation goals are. All of
these decisions should be made before walls are knocked down or any other transformations
are made to the property.   

Not Properly Vetting Contractors

Three or more estimates should be obtained for all work that is needed. Make sure the
potential contractor has performed quality work on homes in the past. The word of the
contractor should not be the only evidence of this work. All references should be checked
before hiring anyone for a renovation project.

Not Adhering to Neighborhood Guidelines

Renovators agree to abide by all rules and guidelines of a home association or town historical
district when a home is purchased. Not adhering to these guidelines when making changes to
a home can lead to future problems.


The first-time home renovator will face many challenges and most likely make a few mistakes.
However, by keeping these five common mistakes in mind, the rookie renovator can avoid
the type of tragic errors that can completely ruin their project.

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