Does Your Garage Desperately Need Improvement?

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Image credit: NEAT Storage Designs

Garages can easily become cluttered and lacking in functionality. It's one of the places in
the home that we tend to put all of the things that we don't quite want to get rid of, but we
don't quite want around anymore, either.

If you’re looking to remodel your home, you’ll probably want to consider redoing your garage
setup as well. Having a great garage is something that you may want, so you’ll need to know
where to put your efforts to make a truly functional garage. There are several projects that
you can invest your time and resources in. Here are three of the best ones.


Renovations to the garage can make a big difference in its functionality, and storage is one
of the staples to any garage renovation. One of the first things you'll need to do is clear out
all of the clutter.

Yes, it's difficult to part with things that you've had for years, but you're unlikely to actually
miss them, and you'll have so much more room. Next, spend some time figuring out how
much storage you’ll actually need. You'll then need to get the appropriate amount of storage.

One type of storage bin that works great in the garage are plastic totes. The plastic protects
items from water and animals, and they're really easy to stack, so organization is that much


You'll enjoy seeing fresh-looking flooring in your garage, and some types even protect the
concrete underneath from oil and paint spills. One option is to paint your floor with an epoxy.
You'll need to repair any crack in the concrete first, and then just paint the floor to have a
surface that resists oil spills.

Another option is interlocking tiles. These keep the surface of the garage floor protected,
they're non-slip, they look great and they resist stains from spills.


If you like working on projects in your garage, you'll appreciate better lighting. If you want
natural lighting, you can make windows in the side of your garage. Another option is to install
tube lighting overhead. You can also buy moveable lighting so that you can see your projects
even if you're in a corner.

You don't have to settle for a garage that's dysfunctional. To have a garage that you'll want
to work in and you'll be proud of, clean out the clutter and start coming up with projects that
will truly make your garage into a functional and more attractive space.


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