How To Prepare For a Big Home Remodel

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Remodeling is the perfect way to give your home a personal touch. The upgrades will also
add a lot of value to home if you ever decide to move. While there are numerous benefits of
a home remodel, they do come at a certain cost — and we’re not talking about money. A
major overhaul can disrupt your life for several months if you are not prepared. So if you’re
getting ready for a big remodel, here are four things you can do beforehand to make the
transition as seamless as possible.

Rent a Storage Unit

The first thing you need to do before starting a remodel is to determine which of your
belongings will need to be relocated during reconstruction. For smaller projects, you can
probably just move your furniture and belongings to another room. For larger projects, you
are more likely to need external storage. Aside from being a place to put your belongings
without cluttering up the rest of your home, storage units also keep your stuff safe and are
fairly inexpensive for the convenience.

Protect Fragile Surfaces

Construction workers will be constantly transporting heavy items through the house during
the remodel. One small slip by the workers may destroy a fragile part of your home if you do
not take the right precautions. Fragile surfaces that will need the most protecting are
ountertops, floors, and wall corners. Just attaching cardboard to these surfaces will often
be enough to keep them in pristine condition.

Prepare for Extra Dust

Home construction creates a lot of dust. A few precautions can prevent this dust from
getting into unwanted locations, especially the air that you breathe. Seal off the remodeling
area with a plastic barrier. You will also want to cover up the air ducts with the same plastic
material. This will prevent the dust from spreading throughout the house while also keeping
the heating and cooling system clean. Make sure to turn off the HVAC system while the ducts
are covered to avoid damaging the unit. If you need to use your HVAC during construction,
keep extra air filters on hand — you will be changing them often.

Save More Money Than Needed

Few projects go without their fair share of complications, and you can bet that your
remodeling project is bound to hit a snag or two. If you’re not careful about which contractors
you hire for the project or don’t have the right expectations, these snags can increase the
price of the entire project. The only way to prepare for these unexpected problems is by
setting aside more money than you budgeted out. If you expect to spend more money than
the original estimate, then you will never have to worry about running into financial issues
during construction.

Remodeling the home you live in can add a lot of chaos to your life without the proper
preparations. Following these four tips will help ensure you get the home of your dreams
with less stress and better results.

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