3 Tips for Making Your Driveway Last a Lifetime

Your driveway may be one of the last things to consider when maintaining your property. However, the driveway is also very important. It is also very costly to restore it if you neglect it. This part of your property also matters when you want to gain equity for your home. You may want to sell the home one day. And even if you want to keep your home, you may want to use it as collateral one day for a loan. Regardless of the situation, it will behoove you to keep regular maintenance of your driveway. 

Control Your Yard

Your yard can wreak havoc on your driveway. Just like mush, your driveway has soil and moisture. Also, sunlight hits on the driveway. With these aspects, plants and weeds can seep and grow between the bricks, stones, or pavers. Getting rid of weeds without damaging your driveway or yard is essential. So, you must do the following steps to control your yard: 
  1. Fill a tea kettle or pot 3/4 with water. 
  2. Kneel down to the side of the weeds growing between the unwanted areas and pour boiling water slowly.
  3. Leave it on the weeds for a whole day. 
  4. Repeat step number two on all the plants that are still healthy after the whole day has passed. 
  5. Grasp by the crown of the weeds/plants and pull upward while lightly twisting the crown to remove the plants and weeds and the whole root system. 
  6. Throw all the removed plants and weeds in the trash and then sweep up the debris. 

Cleaning Guide

When it comes to cleaning, generally speaking, you should get your driveways cleaned about every six months. Also, there are times when you must go beyond the regular cleaning and do heavy duty cleaning. Rainwater cleans but just to a certain degree. In addition to sweeping the driveway, you must use various substances to remove stains. For instance, if you notice grime, you can use a power washer. However, if you don't have a power washer, you can use a bag of kitty litter, a hardy scrub brush, dish soap, a shop broom, dish soap, baking soda, or laundry detergent to get stains out. 

Properly Draining Your Driveway

Another important step to take to maintain your driveway is to properly drain your driveway. In many areas, water will not pass through the driveway and go into the ground. And as a result, water will gather into a pool after a while on the driveway. This result can cause extensive damage to the driveway. So, you must sweep out, blow, or vacuum up the water. 

Proper and regular maintenance of your driveway will keep your driveway looking good. It also will eliminate the costly repair associated with neglecting your driveway.

Another great way to improve your curb appeal and home is by replacing the siding, roof, or windows! JCF Construction is here to help. 


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