4 Home Repairs You Should Not Do Yourself

The popularity of television shows dedicated to home improvement projects has caused many homeowners to depend on themselves to make the repairs needed for their homes. It is important to understand, however, real-life situations will not always mirror your favorite do-it-yourself, or DIY, home renovation show. So before you grab the hammer and go to work on a needed repair, you should note that the following four home repair projects should always be left to professionals.

Electrical Work

The average do-it-yourself proponent may not find the installation of a basic light fixture to be a taxing task. However, the danger of electrical tasks makes it necessary to leave these tasks to professionals.

Home repair projects of all kinds present a degree of risk, but electrical work is riskier due to the risk of being shocked or electrocuted.

In addition to safety issues, there are also risks that the work may not be properly performed, you may experience problems with codes and permits, and you may not have the needed equipment. At first glance, the cost of a professional electrician may seem prohibitive, but there is a reason electricians command such fees; they know how to design circuitry to prevent shocks and fires.

Foundation Repair

When home foundations settle, shifting can cause bad things to happen. This includes uneven floors and wall cracking. Small cracks in a foundation may be handled by a do it yourself approach but larger cracks and more serious problems should be left to professionals.

Soil leaks are a foundational problem that you should definitely trust a professional to handle. Soil changes can contribute to slab leak, which happens when pipes laid into the foundation begin to leak.


Many homeowners have ignored a leaky faucet to avoid paying a plumber. Additionally, using a snake to unclog a drain or replacing a washer in a faucet may be handled by a novice. However, the services of a plumber are needed for anything more extensive.

Bungling a plumbing job may not put your life at risk like an electrical project but it could cost you a considerable amount of money. A simple leak can easily turn into a situation that will flood your home if not handled correctly. This can cost you thousands of dollars more in the long run than if a plumber would have been allowed to address the issue in the first place.

Roof Repairs

The roof of your home protects the house, the family living in the house and all the belongings of a family. While many homeowners will be tempted to fix this important line of home defense themselves when a problem arises, this project should also be added to the list of home repairs left to a professional.

The first problem with DIY roof repairs is the danger involved. There are dangers with all home repair projects, but the danger is amplified when you are ten feet or more above the ground and the surface you are standing on may be slick with moss and/or leaves. There is also the added risks of making a small problem, like a leak, worse and causing long-term damage.

More and more homeowners are turning to the DIY approach when their home is in need of minor repairs. In many cases, this is a great decision. However, the four home repair projects above should not be attempted on your own.


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