3 Tips For Taking the Headache Out of Your Next DIY Home Renovation Project

Taking ownership in your home is one of the joys and responsibilities of having your own place. Many home improvement projects can be done with your own physical labor. Here are some tips to help make every project more successful and rewarding.

Do Your Research

The internet and your local home improvement store are good places to start. The more you know about your project, the more likely the outcome will exceed your expectations. Start by defining your project – what it is and what it is not. Research what types of materials are available for completing the project. Determine if you can complete the project on your own or if you will need to hire or ask for help for the whole project or any steps along the way. Figure out what the material and hired labor costs will be.

If there are materials that will need to be ordered, allow enough lead time for the order to be delivered. Estimate the time it will take to complete the project; this time estimate should include both hours of input and elapsed time (days, weeks, months) before the project is completed. Doing thorough research upfront will result in less frustration during the course of the project.

Organize Your Tools

Avoid the frustration of not being able to put your hand on a tool when you need it. Make sure the tools in your toolbox are organized with tool shadowing foam. Tool shadowing foam helps you keep your tools organized by making it easy to see where pieces should go or what pieces, if any, are missing. While you have your tools out of the box, put them down in a consistent place. Use a tool belt to hold your tools, put them on the floor within your reach, or place them on a shelf or window ledge convenient to your working area.

Look for Beneficial Projects

If you are going to put your time and money into improving your home, work on projects that will enhance or simplify your life or your family’s lives. Maybe your family isn’t into gardening but has lots of sports equipment that needs to be organized and stored. Designing and building a storage area in the garage or basement will be more beneficial to your lives than putting time and effort into installing flower beds in your yard.

With good planning, research, and organization, your next DIY home improvement project could be your finest!


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