Things Are Heating Up: What to Know About Gas Hot Water Heaters

When it comes to installing a gas hot water heater for your home, there are pros and cons. Of course, one of the major pros with having a gas-operated hot water heater is that you are able to use it if ever the power goes out. Gas hot water heaters also heat much faster than electric and can even save you money in the long run. However, there are a few cons as well that you should know before installing a gas hot water heater.

Risk Factors

Because you are dealing with gas, there is a risk of fire from the vapor emissions. When flammable vapor is released near a constantly lit pilot light, it can result in a phenomenon called flammable vapor ignition.


Although gas hot water heaters may save on cost, they do require more maintenance than an electric hot water heater. Because you are dealing with gas, it is important to check it regularly to make sure there aren't any leaks or faulty lines. By checking these things regularly, you can see any early signs of an issue and address them immediately.

Other Options

Not only can gas hot water heaters be more work in the maintenance department, but they can also be very difficult to install as the ventilation system usually has to go through the roof. However, if gas isn't something that you are interested in, electric hot water heaters actually last longer than gas hot water heaters. While they are not operable during times of power outage, you don't have to deal with gas fumes or flammable vapors like you would with a gas hot water heater.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing whether to install a gas water heater or electric, there is more to consider rather than just cost or savings. You want to look at what is the safest as well as the most convenient option for your home. Also, it is much easier to have an electric hot water heater installed than a gas. And while a gas hot water heater can save you money down the line, the initial upfront costs can be way more than the cost of an electric hot water heater. And most importantly, there is the safety factor to consider as well. By installing a gas hot water heater, you are having to stay on top of maintenance so you can address any leaks as soon as possible.

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