What Are Some Environmentally Friendly Home Improvement Projects?

There are many ways to make environmentally-friendly improvements around your home, and some of those methods are easier than you'd think. These changes are not only good for the environment, but they can also help your home to feel more inviting. Making any of these changes to your home is a wise move that you will be very likely to enjoy.

Changing the Lighting

Although people most commonly think of solar lights when they think of eco-friendly lighting, many lighting options are kind to the environment and worth considering. Solar lights require no electrical source, helping you save valuable energy. Also, any outdoor lighting that uses electricity can make use of a timer for energy savings. You can program the timer to turn the lots off during times of the night or day when you don't need them to be on. Inside the home, solar tubes and skylights help provide more natural lighting. Even hanging a few mirrors will enable you to maximize the use of light. In addition to using more energy-efficient bulbs, consider upgrading your fixtures to incorporate natural or repurposed materials, which offer distinctive looks and styles.

Change Your Landscaping

One of the most important steps you can take in making your home environmentally-friendly is to reduce water usage. Lawns, for example, often require a lot of water to help maintain a uniformly beautiful look. You can enjoy an attractive lawn that never needs watering when you use artificial grass. Artificial grass positively impacts the environment and provides the bonus of significantly reducing the maintenance you need to do to keep your yard beautifully green. Another idea is to add gravel and rock gardens in places where you would usually have a paved sidewalk or flowerbed. Both of these are nice complements to artificial turf. One of the ways that this combination works well is by requiring little-to-no maintenance while providing an outdoor space that always looks great.

Use Earth-Friendly Decking Material

Many are hesitant to try eco-friendly decking materials because of concerns about the material's legitimacy. Many types of decking materials billed as earth-friendly are actually not. However, wood that is sourced locally is usually a safe bet for those looking for eco-friendly materials. Another option worth considering is using reclaimed wood. This form of recycling helps keep used materials out of landfills while giving you access to an option that fits in with your existing deck.

Home improvement is something that can always be done in responsible, earth-friendly ways. When you reduce your overall environmental impact, everyone benefits.

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