Why You Need to Add a Balcony to Your Second Floor

Adding a second-floor balcony to your existing home is a great way to invite the outside in. In addition to gaining more living space for much of the year, you can enjoy more shade on the first-floor area under the balcony.

Decide on Your Materials

The materials used for your balcony should match your home. If your house is wood, a wood balcony will look best. Carefully review the trim structure on your home and look for railings and posts that will tie in successfully with the existing features of the house. Fundamentally, you'll want the balcony to look as if it has always been there, but according to Eagle Building Solutions, you may be able to utilize creative options for decking materials that eliminate the risk of rot.

Choose a Contractor

Your balcony will need support from below, and it will need to be tied to the existing house. Unless you have experience building balconies, this is a job for an experienced contractor. During the construction phase, anyone working on or under the balcony could be at risk if all the workers don't know what they're doing. According to Dolman Law Group, a collapsing balcony can cause serious injury to anyone on it. If it's improperly supported or ineffectively tied to your home, you may find that the balcony starts to wobble over time. In addition, drainage issues will need to be reviewed to make sure that your existing home isn't damaged by poor drainage on the balcony. A qualified contractor can save you a lot of headaches.

Address the Issue of Drainage

Depending on the style of your home, you may eventually decide to add a second-floor deck to it. While a deck can give you a lovely place to enjoy the fresh air and provide you with shade below it, decks allow water to pass through. Wooden decks will need to be sealed to prevent wood rot over time. Drainage issues are critical when installing solid-surface flooring outdoors. Talk with your builder about the best balcony construction for your region and the most effective ways to protect your existing home.

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee on the deck just off your second floor. This home addition can greatly enhance your quality of life. Work with a reputable contractor to make sure you and your family can enjoy worry-free time on your second-floor balcony.


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