Signs Your DIY Home Repair Just Got More Complicated

Houses require constant maintenance to make sure everything is in working order. Sometimes, though, the job at hand can be tricky. Before you decide to tackle a home improvement or fix-it job, take the time to see if it is DIY-worthy or a DIY-disaster in the making.

Plumbing Problems

Take a clogged drain. It seems like a simple fix, right? Well, if the plunger doesn’t work, pouring that toxic chemical solution down the drain hole ought to do the job. Or not. Some of those chemicals can damage your pipes and still not really remove the clog. Look, if the clog can’t be cleared by plunging or a solution of baking soda and vinegar, call a plumber.
Another issue is low water pressure. If a call to your town’s water division doesn’t solve the mystery and checking for mineral deposits in the faucet’s aerator screen doesn’t either, the best solution is to call a plumber. The bottom line is that if simple fixes don’t work, then the better—and often cheaper—solution is to call a plumber.


Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) rooms that commonly see repair projects are also spaces that appeal to a rodent. Issues with rats and mice can cause a lot of complications when you’re trying to repair your home, so it’s important to take care of the problem right away once you see it. In cases like this, it might be best to let professionals handle the problem.
Before calling a professional, it’s important to identify the culprit. The best way is to examine their droppings. After the pest professionals arrive, they can help find how the intruders got in. This is where your DIY skills can shine at patching entry points.

Stay Off the Roof

If you are an avid DIYer, you probably already know not to tackle a leaky roof. Falls from roofs are the number one cause of death among construction workers. Seeing a leak on the ceiling doesn't mean you’ll easily find the source on the roof.
The best solution to a leaky roof is to have it inspected by an insurance adjuster. You can also have an expert locate the source of the problem.
Plumbing problems, rodents, and roof repairs are just three home repair jobs that deserve scrutiny before tackling yourself. In the long run, the anguish you’ll avoid will be enhanced by the time and money you’ll end up saving.


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